Patient: Pilar Gaddi Vazquez, 89yo

The word stem cell sounded Greek to our family a couple of years back, until , finally, together with my mother Pilar Gaddi Vazquez, we visited Dr. Florencio Lucero and his gracious wife Tinette at their clinic in Pasig to inquire about stem cell therapy.

Our concern for mommy always occupied a big percentage of our time, particularly when daddy passed away in 2011. The day after Christmas in 2006 was a day our family will never forget, mom had a mild stroke. Mommy always had a positive mental attitude, and in no time she got better, almost back to normal. She followed every advise medication and theraphy religiously, and prayed unceasingl;y. Her immune system was not as resilient as it used to be. The year after her mild stroke, she developed an even life threatening disease, very weak lungs. Once more, we felt so sad and anxious.

God works in mysterious ways. Since my brothers and sister wanted mommy to enjoy a better quality of life, in July 2012,we had mommy assessed by Dr. Lucero if she is a good candidate for fat stem cell therapy. He reviewed mommy's journal and medications,and had her take at least 12 laboratory test. Dr. Lucero confirmed that she is indeed a good candidate. However, still being wary of something we are not familiar with, I discussed this with mommy's other doctors. When they finally gave her the go signal, mommy was scheduled Sept. 17, 2012. We checked her in the Beverly Clinic at 7:00 am, where we were met by the anesthesiologist, and by Tinette and Dr. Lucero. It was a relaxed environment, not like a hospital setting, more like a luxurious spa with good music, well-controlled air-conditioning, state of the art equiptment. Surprisingly, in no time, the whole process was done in half a day, and mommy's stem cell therapy was finished by 1:30pm. We brought mommy home from Makati to Quezon City and made her rest. The days to come were filled with small miracles as we call it. I advised the caregiver to strictly monitor mommy's daily schedule and jot down any improvement. By the first week, we saw mommy sleep better, and gain better bladder control. As weeks and months went by, mommy's appetite improved and more significantly her well-being. After the sixth month, she was going to her Manila office twice a week, attending functions and becoming more independent. No wheel chair for her, she insist. I made sure to share mommy's progress with Dr. Lucero and still visit her other doctors. Much to their amazement, they are amazed with how the stem cel therapy has given better quality of life to mommy Pilar. Stem cell, as mommy would say, is God's gift to mankind. By the way, mommy Pilar is turning 89 in Jyly 11, and she does not look it at all, many comment that she looks like an elegant 70 year old lady. She looks forward to more socials and definitely travel abroad in nearby Asia. What a blessing stem cel therapy is, with a doctor you can fully trust, a doctor who has a heart and treats his patients like family.

- Lillibeth Vazquez


Patient: Solomon Tan, M.D.

Address: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Problem: Dilated Cardiomyopathy

December 2010
Started to have difficulty of breathing, unable to lie flat on bed and have a swollen feet. Chest x-ray showed an enlarged heart.
Diagnosed to have a Dilated Cardiomyopathy with an Ejection Fraction of 24% by 2D Echo.
Admitted in the ICU and was discharged improved with maintenance medications.

January 2011
Despite of restricted activities and maintained medications, the condition worsened which made me went in and out of the ICU for the next two months. EF deteriorated up to 22% by 2D Echo. Talking even with two sentences will leave me gasping for breath.

March 2011
EF dropped to 16%. My heart almost stop moving, feeling that anytime it will totally cease. Even with the aid of the medication to maintain my blood pressure from 80/60, I surely know that i'll die. The only option that I have according to my Cardiologist was a Heart Transplant. Stem Cell Transplant idea came to me as one of my colleagues suggested. Thorough research in the internet, it channeled my family and relatives who endlessly worrying about my condition to Dr. Lucero's website. With my limited knowledge about this technology, the procedure was undoubtedly convinced me and made me decide to undergo the transplant.

April 2011
4 days after the procedure was done, sense of well being was very well experienced, with no difficulty of breathing even lying flat on bed. Swollen feet disappeared. A week after, I was discharged from the hospital, improved. Two weeks after, I was able to run up to the third floor of the hospital chasing my Cardiologist with no signs and symptoms of a failing heart.

May 2011
EF improved up to 38% which even allowed me to swim in the beach. Each day that passes I felt that i'm getting stronger as my heart is improving.

June - August 2011
Series of chest x-rays as a simple means of tracking down the improvement of my heart as to size, my heart is getting smaller and smaller until it reaches the normal size. After five months, my 2D Echo, EF was already 48%. My numerous medications for my heart was almost cut down into half because of my improvement. With that, I can say that I'm very thankful to God by saving me through Dr. Lucero and his wife with the Stem Cell technology that now I am enjoying a normal life to the fullest with no burden of dilated Cardiomyopathy.


Patient: Lourdes Barbero Ramos, CEO/Businesswoman

"I have every reason to be overjoyed after successfully going through the medicinal process "autologous stem cell transplant surgery", or for brevity, "stem cell therapy." The effect of the therapy on my physical well being, mental and emotional state, stress, and energy levels is truly great, even excellent.

Indeed, the stem cell therapy and healthcare has brought a physical and emotional makeover in me and effectively re-introduced myself to an energy filled world.

I owe the success of my stem cell therapy to the doctors and ADISTEM LTD. I laud all of you for your committed service and bringing-in "autologous stem cell transplant surgery."


Patient: A. C., 60 Years Old, CEO, Anti-aging

"I live and work in a very stressful environment. There were times that I virtually wished myself sick just to be away from it all. A year ago, I really started getting sick more often than usual.

Then, I read about Autologous Stem Cell Transplant. After much thought, I took out a personal loan for the procedure.

I wake up with a lot more energy today than I did 15 years ago. My disposition is better. My metabolism is faster. I think more clearly. My vision has improved and people compliment me on my appearance.

Last year, I thought I would buy an SUV for better traveling convenience. That is a luxury I had to forego. But I now travel in greater style and comfort because the quality of my life has improved considerably. The SUV can wait. But I can’t. I am going to live the rest of my life happier and livelier because I chose to invest in myself.

Autologous Stem Cell Transplant is life changing."


Patient: Grace Draper, stroke victim, 49

May 2007
"My name is Grace Draper and I am a stroke survivor. I am 8 years post stroke. I had a hemorrhagic stroke on May 22, 1999 I had my stem cell transplant on March 17, 2007. It was very simple and painless. It's like hitting 2 birds with one stone you get a liposuction and a stem cell transplant all at once. They don't take out that much fat but fat is fat. Almost instantly I felt better but it must have been psychological. I kept on dreaming afterwards that I was walking but it was only a dream after 2 weeks I felt a need to move so i got up and started to walk without a cane a feat I had been unable to do in the past. I could only walk about 25 feet but that was good enough for me. I then took my cane and realized I had better balance on both feet. It felt like my left leg which is the weak one had "grown" longer. It hit the floor much better than it used to. I started walking around the house like a child in a toy store. By the way my left hand which was contracted is looser now meaning it's more relaxed and open. Even my nail girl noticed it when she did my manicure she said your left hand is much softer now so it was not my imagination working overtime again. She's always had to struggle with my left hand but this time was a breeze. I keep waiting for more improvement because I know they will come. My youngest daughter is getting married on September 23 and my goal is to walk down the isle rather than be wheeled. Bet I could do it. Stem cell is the cure of the future. I believe in it and as long as you believe there is hope."

January 14, 2008
"These are some new improvements in my condition. I can now walk and do transfers barefooted. This something I could not do before since I could not stop my toes on the left foot from clenching when I stand. I can now control it to stay flat. I also discovered that I can go from sitting position to standing without putting my lift chair all the way up; not very easily but I can do it. They are not very big improvements but I am excited that I am still improving one year after my fat stem cell transplant which was on February 17, 2007. I will keep you posted of anymore improvements as they happen."

March 10, 2008
"MORE IMPROVEMENT!! I have this excercycle that i seldom used because my husband had to tie my foot to the pedal so it wont slip off. Now i can use it and my foot stays put. I can also get in and out of bed unassisted with more ease. I could do it before but with a lot of difficulty that i had to think twice before getting out of bed since i was never sure if i could get back in. My husband could not attend conventions out of town since i could not be left alone.

Now he is free to go. Most of my improvement has to do with my left leg and foot. I can also walk around the house 3X before i have to sit down it used to be 1X and i am exhausted i was hoping for improvement to my left hand but i guess not. The neurologist did tell me it was hopeless but she also told me that i could not expect improvement past 6 months post stroke its been almost 9 years and I'm still improving so i have hope. I will keep you posted of more improvements as they occur. Kind regards."


Patient: Jacob, Cerebral Palsy

"About 10 months ago we took a chance and made our way to Manila with our son Jacob. We met with Dr. Bill who walked us through the steps of a stem cell improvement they would perform on Jacob. The improvement was in no way harmful because only Jacobs stem cells were being used. It took only a few hours. The Doctors and staff were amazing. I got to be there with my son the whole time.

Jacob was born 3 months premature and at 17 days he contracted meningitis. He has a shunt, mild cp and seizures. He has had 56 operations in his 6 years on earth. When we met Dr. Bill and heard about the improvement we realized it couldn't hurt to try. About a month after the improvement we started to see changes in Jacob. He was more energetic, his speech became more clear and his movement was more interactive. He began sleeping and eating so much better, And for the first time he went almost a year with no surgeries. That to us was unreal because his shunt before the improvement was failing every month. We were so stunned and amazed by the change we saw after one improvement that we are fundraising to do another one. Of all the things offered to us to help improve Jacobs life, this is by far the most real , beneficial, and safest improvement we have come across. If one simple improvement showed so much who's to know what another could do. Adistem is a BLESSING FROM GOD. I know it can do amazing things. We are so grateful to Dr. Bill and his team for what they do! Jacob is our Angel ,and we 100% trust this improvement."


Patient: Dr. Ashley, Physician, a mother with Parkinson's Disease

"When my mother developed Parkinson's disease I contacted the top specialists in the field and followed their advice, however, Parkinson’s is a progressive disease and my mother deteriorated gradually and her medication increased with time and so did the side effects When my mother was in the nursing home and unable to eat on her own we organized adult stem cell transplantation for her. Shortly afterwards my mother was more alert and talkative and was able to eat on her own. She was more mobile and interacted better. As a physician I understand the dilemma patients face with a new and controversial improvement. My mother did not have the time to wait for all the red tape to be satisfied. I chose to be proactive and my mother benefited from the decision and improvement I gave her. I am in support of Adult Stem Cell Transplantation and recommend it often. The cost is always important but so is the benefit that one can get from this unique improvement and therefore I have had the improvement myself."


Patient: NLP, Emphysema

"With reference to my improvement at St. Francis of Assisi Clinic in Manila, Philippines. I first met Doctor Bill in Hong Kong in March 2006. I had long discussions with him about improvements using stem cell therapy.

I am of Swedish descent and the first thing Doctor Bill asked after I told him about the specific medical problems I was experiencing if I had undergone a blood test for chronic Chlamydia Pneumoniale (c.pneumoniae) Ig G tve, Ig A tve. There have been many write ups in medical journals about this virus and it is most common in Sweden particularly in the North. The virus is very harmful to the cardiovascular system and it is linked to many cardiovascular diseases. Shortly thereafter, I visited Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok for my yearly medical check up and asked the doctor to give me a Chlamydia Pneumoniae blood test. He was surprised at my request since Bumrungrad does not have the facility to analyze this but he would send it to another laboratory. Sure enough the test came out to be positive.

I live in Hong Kong and I personally have known many doctors and asked them about this type of test and all stated it’s never been suggested for a doctor to recommend a test for this particular virus. I then contacted Doctor Bill about the results of the test and came to Manila for improvement. The problem was cured. I then decided to take the anti-aging improvement provided by Dr. Bill using my own stem cells which were "activated" and then injected back into the body. This was in August 2006 when I was 78. It was remarkable, the improvement made me feel better, some of my wrinkles started to disappear, my skin become smoother, my overall appearance greatly improved, even my beard started to grow more slowly with 30%-40% less growth and I experienced more energy.

I then called a 71 year old friend of mine in the United States about these anti-aging effects and he decided to come in to Manila for the same this improvement. He now states his appearance has improved and when he returned home his wife was very surprised at his youthful appearance, his increased energy and enthusiasm for becoming more active. Two weeks after this I did a CAT Scan with contrast in Hong Kong which showed improvement of my Emphysema. I then followed up with a lung capacity test about three weeks after the second improvement and the doctors compared the lung capacity test I did at Mayo Clinic in August 2005. They were amazed to find my lung capacity had increased by 5-7 percent which is a remarkable result.

I would recommend this autologous stem cell improvement to anyone who would like to feel better, look better, have more energy and enjoy a healthier life."


Patient: Anonymous, Diabetic

"I received one infusion of adipose fat stem cells in August 2006. At the time I was diabetic with blood sugar levels ranging between 300-350, a problem with my kidneys, 3 foot ulcers which had been open for about a year and neuropathy in both feet. Within the weeks following the procedure my average blood sugar levels dropped to 100-120.

From time to time they would spike, of course, if I failed to control my intake of sugar – but they would quickly drop the following day. At the same time I lost significant body weight and noticed an improved complexion. My kidneys – and all other organs – are now completely normal. All three diabetic foot ulcers healed within less than 10 days. One diabetic complication which hasn't improved yet is the neuropathy in my feet which shows signs of developing into Charcot foot where the bones have become osteoporotic. For this reason, I received a further infusion of adipose derived stem cells last week which has bone-healing capacity and next week I will also have an infusion of stem cells isolated and cultured from my peripheral blood which should help the diabetic anaemia, the bone healing process and improve the neural degeneration in both feet. Let’s see what happens."


Patient: Rosa Amallier, 54 Years Old, CEO, Anti-Aging

"The reality of my own aging drove me to look into different choices available in the field of anti-aging. I understand that my body’s slowing down is due to the aging process and it is inevitable. I started feeling my knee and ankle joints wearing out, my memory is slowing down, lack of energy, my skin getting dry and disorder of digestive process at the age of 50.

I was privileged to meet the purveyor of Autologous Stem Cell Transplant Therapy in the Philippines. A couple of months ago I underwent the Stem Cell Transplant and it has dramatically changed my life. A week after the transplant my memory started to become sharper, joint pains 99 % gone, the skin of my face became clearer, glowing and firmer too. Can’t ask me for more, my friends are asking what my cosmetics secrets are!

Being the chief executive of Visual Production and marketing company. I have to be actively involved in the planning and execution of concepts and strategies of the company’s operations. Before the Stem Cell Transplant my mental and physical slowdown was a big hurdle. At 3pm, I can hardly make my brain work, but now, my creative juices are overflowing all the time. Try Autologous Stem Cell Transplant and you will thank me for inviting you into it."


Patient: Prudencio Lim, 77 yrs old, businessman, old age

"I used to be quiet when I am with people because I don't feel strong and I have no energy to converse. After the stem cell, people noticed that I talk more and more jolly. They also noticed the improvement in my posture whenever I stand or sit down. My skin tone has likewise improved in color. My children and grandchildren are all happy seeing me more optimistic in my outlook"


Patient: Filomena Lim, 74 yrs old, house wife, old age

"I have always been suffering from knee problem and rheumatism. I am happy that I sought the stem cell because I am able to walk normally again without pain in my knee joints. I also noticed a great improvement with my rheumatism. Now, I mover faster on my own and can climb stairs with ease. I sometimes move faster than my children! I am glad that I can be independent again"


Patient: Tessie Cuevas, 80 yrs old, grand mother of 14, retiree, knee problem and heart patient

"I am an end stage heart patient. My heart medications give me a tired and weak feeling through out the day. I used to get depressed often because I feel weak. After the stem cell transplant, I felt stronger and less tired. I got out of the depression and I am now thankful to God each day because I feel stronger. As I aged, my walking became my difficulty. I sought the stem cell transplant to relieve me of my knee pains and to be able to walk again normally. I am glad that I decided to do it because I can walk with less pain and more times without the cane! My newfound energy makes me feel stronger and no longer tired. I have overcome the depressing feeling and have kept busy on the phone talking to friends or going out with them. My life turned back some ten years!"


Patient: TCL – 46 yrs wife, entrepreneur Laura's Organic Farm and Catering, lecturer, Anti-aging and essential tremors

"My working hours are now longer and more productive. My mental alertness and comprehension has accelerated significantly, thus enabling me to multi-task more and still give quality attention to all my activities. My hand tremors for the last 10 years have stopped by 95%. My renewed energy has brought me back to the gym 6 times a week doing aerobic dancing and weight training. This new regimen of physical activities truly makes me feel healthy and upbeat. Furthermore, I notice that my workouts are showing more results, losing pounds and inches. This is due to the increased body metabolism. Physically, I notice some tightness and glow in my skin tone.

I am thankful and happy that I did the stem cell transplant even if it is in its infant stage. The procedure has changed the way I look at aging. I no longer dread the idea that I am getting old. With this procedure, I realized I can plan for my old age and extend my productive years. With stem cell, age shall no longer limit experience! After 15 years, I will definitely get another stem cell transplant."


Patient: TL, 60, surgeon, anti-aging

"My working hours are now longer and more productive. I have this extra energy to do more activities than before- surgery, clinic hours, lectures, meeting, interviews, medical research and documentation. For non medical activities, I was even pleasantly surprised by my golf game. I did not feel so exhausted after 18 holes unlike before. My flexibility has also improved. I do weight training now and doing physical activity is no longer a lazy idea for me. Physically, my skin has tightened and improved the tone. People say I look younger. I am thankful to stem cell for that new energy and longer endurance . My children and wife are also happy that I no longer look tired and weak after a long days' work. I have some energy left for quality family time with them."


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