Adult stem cell transplant is short and safe, and the recovery period is swift as well.

To prepare for the procedure, you need to fast or stop your intake of food and liquids at least four hours before the appointed time. A team of doctors will perform the transplant in the operating room under sterile condition.

An anesthesiologist will first administer intravenous sedation, to relax your body and and put you to sleep. Then, the plastic surgeon will draw 100 cc of fats from your abdomen using liposuction technique, which is quick and relatively painless.

They will extract the stem cells from the fats taken from your tummy, and activate them using growth factors released by the plasma from your blood.

Once activated, the stem cells are added to an intravenous fluid and re-introduced into your body, though the veins, over a period of from 30 minutes to one hour. Afterwards, your abdomen will be wrapped in an elastic binder.

The whole procedure will take just four hours. You can go home on the same day. Since the stem cells come from your own body, there is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

In four days' time, you can already remove the abdominal binder. On the seventh day, you can resume your exercise or gym and sports activities.

You can start to see or feel the effects on your body between two weeks to 11 months. The texture, color and suppleness of your skin will improve. You will also feel more energetic and mentally alert – and even experience an increase in sexual desire.

It might take a little longer though if you are suffering from a degenerative disease. Some patients submit themselves to another transplant to accelerate the improvement. The earliest that you can have a repeat treatment is a year after your last.

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